Research and Development

ICDC is a centre for excellence in the research and development of digital content. Our talented production team works on a range of innovative projects involving existing and emerging digital technologies.

The team comprises designers, programmers and project managers. Possessing a broad range of skills and experience, they have successfully delivered projects for the internet, mobile devices, interactive television, games consoles and proprietary hardware.

"Innovation is the successful exploitation of new ideas. evidence shows that businesses that have the awareness to continually create, evaluate and successfully exploit their new ideas are more likely to survive and prosper in the competitive global economy."
    Department of Trade and Industry

At ICDC, we are constantly exploring new opportunities for digital content development. We then look to share our learning by holding briefings, seminars and workshops on topics such as new markets and technologies, industry best practice and innovations in digital media.

Working in partnership

For any project to succeed, a strong, focused team is essential. We believe that it is important to develop a close working relationship with our clients in order to fully understand their aims and requirements. Working in partnership, we can then identify and apply the most appropriate use of digital technologies to develop their ideas to their full potential.

Project Feasibility

Before committing resources to any project it is necessary to determine the feasibility of an idea. We can help you to determine the technical feasibility of your idea, as well as providing research and advice on your intended market.

Concept Work

Prior to starting the full scale development of a product or service, we can help create early-stage prototypes or presentations that will let you establish the benefits of your product without having to invest in the finished product. Such materials may also be used to gain feedback from your intended users and identify potential problems at the earliest stage.

Product Development

Once you have established the viability of your idea we can help with the development of the product itself. We will work with you to define and create your product, helping you to find the most suitable partners to support you at all stages of development.

General Advice/Consultancy

In addition to our other services, we also provide best practice advice on many aspects of digital content development.

ICDC, Liverpool Digital, 2nd Floor, Faraday House, 360 Edge Lane, Liverpool L7 9NJ