Digitalinc was the first UK business incubator to focus on the digital industries. It is an integral part of ICDC's mission to stimulate new and innovative businesses capable of turning ideas into commercial successes to the benefit of the region.

Since the incubator first opened, we have supported over 40 start-ups and our success rate is far higher than the industry average. Over 85% of our clients are still in business and growing on Merseyside. Our support to these companies does not end with incubation as we look to provide on-going support that continues to encourage businesses to exceed their own expectations.

The purpose of our incubation programme is to increase the successful development of digital industries in the region. In providing a range of business and technology support, as well as the opportunity for skills development, we offer the best possible environment for entrepreneurs in the sector. Incubator companies are able to capitalise on both their Liverpool Digital location and the association with LJMU enhance their reputation and help gain respectability as a professional organisation.

The programme also aims to increase the number of graduates starting businesses as well as the number of businesses that evolve from existing, successful businesses. Our dedication to innovation through the application and use of new technologies, both in terms of product development and in improving efficiency and business processes, means that we are building a thriving digital content sector on Merseyside. The impact of this is the creation of jobs within the local community, retaining talent and ideas within the Merseyside region.

Digitalinc is already home to a number of groundbreaking start-up companies, all of whom aim to become commercially sustainable in the digital content arena. The benefits of being located within the incubator include:

  • A fast-track route to business growth
  • A supportive environment
  • An enhanced chance of survival
  • Access to university expertise and skills
  • Access to business and research networks
ICDC, Liverpool Digital, 2nd Floor, Faraday House, 360 Edge Lane, Liverpool L7 9NJ