Funding Opportunities

ICDC has an established track record in attracting external funds from a variety of sources, including the European Commission, NWDA, Lottery Funds, Government R & D Schemes and Charitable Trusts and Foundations,. We provide support to partner companies and organisations to seek and secure monies from public, private and voluntary sector sources.

Whether you are looking to develop new products and services, improve your business performance and processes or you need support in preparing and presenting proposals to investors and other funding bodies, we can offer the assistance you need.

Our funding services are available to individuals, private companies and public or voluntary sector organisations. Additional assistance is also offered to those individuals or organisations meeting the following criteria:

  • Based on Merseyside or plan to locate in Merseyside within three months of application

  • Fit within the EU?s definition of a Small or Medium sized Enterprise (SME)

    The EU classifies SMEs into three groups based upon the number of people* a company employs and its annual turnover or annual balance sheet total.

    The three classifications are:
    Micro SMEs - (up to 10 employees; turnover of ?2m / 1.35m)
    Small SMEs - (up to 50 employees; turnover of ?10m / 6.75m)
    Medium-sized SMEs - (up to 250 employees; turnover of ?50m / 33.7m)

    You can find full details of the EU definitions on the EU website:
    SME Definition
    SME User Guide

  • Demonstrate a business proposition that will lead to an increase in turnover/job creation/company growth, hence benefiting the Merseyside economy

  • Be a legally constituted entity

We can also help you check if you meet the eligibility criteria. For more information, email Paul Dawson at

*Employee figures are based upon total hours worked rather than individual employees, i.e. part-time staff are recorded as a percentage of their full-time colleagues.

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