ICDC Free Workshops


ICDC are running a series of free one-day workshops.  If you are interested in attending or want some more information please email ICDCEvents@ljmu.ac.uk.

27 Feb 08           Introduction to Digital Video
05 March 08       Introduction to Social Software
12 March 08       Introduction to Flash animation
09 April 08          HTML introduction
16 April 08          CSS (table-less design)
23 April 08          Creating Accessible Websites
30 April 08          Flash Action Script Intro
07 May 08           Introduction to ASP.NET 2 and Visual Web Developer

Introduction to Digital Video
The aim of this course is to cover how to simply create a piece of digital video using easily available, and cheap, kit and software. The course covers filming techniques and how to edit your video in Windows Movie maker.

Areas that will be covered in the session are:-

• Introduction to the technology and kit involved.
• Breakdown of filming techniques.
• Preparing for a film shoot, developing a storyboard and things to consider pre-shoot.
• Practical filming and editing exercises.

HTML Introduction
This course intends to provide a solid understanding of how to use HTML to create small websites. The aim is to demystify this application and make it an everyday tool that you can use with confidence to create online content that can be accessible to all.

Topics covered will be:-

• Breakdown of good website design.
• Writing for the web.
• Preparing images and video for uploading online.

Introduction to Social Software
The aim of the Social Software session is to give an introduction to the online tools available today which intend to create ‘online communities’.

By demonstrating technologies such as blogging, instant messaging and chat rooms, and through a combination of case studies, hands on experience and real life interaction, this workshop will help participants navigate their way through these technologies.

Introduction to ASP.NET 2 and Visual Web Developer
The aim of this training course is to teach students how to create a simple Active Server Page ASP.net application that delivers dynamic content to the Web.

Topics covered:-

• Introduction to ASP.NET 2 and Visual Web Developer
• Building Web Sites
• Data Bound Controls
• Object Data Binding
• Master Pages
• Authentication and Authorization

CSS (table-less design)
Current best practice in Web Development is to use CSS for your page layout rather than Tables. Pages designed using CSS are much less bloated than a table based design. As a result they are much easier to maintain, more accessible and quicker to load.

This course is aimed at developers who already have a basic level experience with CSS.

Topics covered:-

• Why use CSS – A look at Web standards and accessibility.
• CSS Inheritance.
• Understanding the CSS Box Model.
• Controlling and positioning background images.
• Positioning and floating elements.
• Creating multi column layouts.
• Cross browser compatibility.

Flash Action Script
This Flash ActionScript training course aims to promote understanding of the possibilities of using actionscripting in Flash, enabling the candidate to incorporate scripting ideas into Flash Movies and develop a broad understanding of the interactive possibilities that actionscripting can provide.

Topics covered:-

• Understanding data types and variables.
• Expressions and operators.
• If statements.
• Switch statements.
• For statements.
• Functions & Arrays.
• How to manipulate MovieClips with AS.
• AS and Events Handlers.

Creating Accessible Websites
Part III of the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) makes it unlawful for a service provider to treat disabled people less favourably for a reason related to their disability. This course will enable website creators to build well structured, highly maintainable web pages without lots of unnecessary HTML code, gain a competitive advantage by maximising your target audience, and Future-proof your Websites so your content is accessible to the technologies of tomorrow.

Topics covered:-

• Learn how people with disabilities use the Web.
• The legal requirements for Website owners.
• Overview of the Web Accessibility Guidelines.
• Demonstration of Jaws Screen Reader technology.
• Testing a Website for Accessibility.
• Demonstration of table-less design using CSS techniques.

Introduction to Macromedia Flash
This course provides designers and developers new to the Flash environment the knowledge and hands-on experience they need to create rich Flash content.

Topics covered:-

• Creating and Importing Graphic Assets.
• Creating Animations.
• Basic Actionscript.
• Using Movie Clips.
• Adding Sound and Video.

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