The International Centre for Digital Content (ICDC) was created in 2000 as an initiative between Professor Phil Redmond and Liverpool John Moores University (LJMU). Realising a need to explore the impact of digital technology on society and business, both parties were keen to set up a centre of excellence that would transfer the results of such learning to the business and community sectors.

ICDC evolved from the University's Learning Methods Unit which had previously pioneered collaboration between industry and academia, developing early multimedia products that received international recognition. The Unit offered a unique atmosphere in which the divisions between traditional academic disciplines were blurred, encouraging new ideas and research into emerging technologies. This innovative environment has continued within ICDC and has led to the development of more partnerships between academia and industry. These partnerships lie at the heart of our mission to support businesses in the North West, helping them take advantage of new technologies and advances in digital content.

In 2002, ICDC established Digitalinc, the UK's first digital media-focused business incubator. This was set up following demand from local entrepreneurs, students and existing businesses that wanted to develop their research and ideas for digital content into commercial products and services. Digitalinc provides a nurturing environment, complete with a range of bespoke business support services, which helps accelerate the growth of young businesses. Our success in this area is assisted significantly by the technology skills and expertise that resides within ICDC, enabling us to define appropriate technology solutions for our start-up companies.

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