Taecanet at i-start

ICDC's digital media incubator "Digitalinc" has supported over 50 start-ups since its inception in 2002 and this month's i-start event provided an opportunity to hear from one of the success stories - Taecanet Limited - an e-learning company that has gone from strength to strength since it entered the incubator.

Guest speaker, David Hesketh, joined Taecanet as Managing Director in January 2005. Since then he has seen the company's customer base grow from zero to 500 schools across the country. During this time Taecanet has secured three rounds of funding and is currently trying to close its 4th and hopefully final round of circa 1m. The company, which now employs around 20 staff, has been through all the trials and tribulations that any start-up must face.and at the recent i-start event, David delivered an engaging presentation - sharing some of the personal "highs and lows" which he has encountered along the journey.

View David Hesketh's presentation (PDF - 247KB)

Ian Nairn, Simon Sprince, Gregory Abrams and David Hesketh.
L-R: Ian Nairn (Taecanet Ltd), Simon Sprince (ICDC), Gregory Abrams (Gregory Abrams Davidson LLP) and David Hesketh (Taecanet Ltd).

The next i-start event will be held on Wednesday 30th May 2007. Further details will be posted on the ICDC website closer to the time.

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