Brazil Digital Media Mission

Scoping New Media Technologies in Brazil

ICDC hosted the DTI's Global Watch Service seminar on Digital Media Opportunities in Brazil last week (21 March 2007). The seminar reported back the findings from the mission, focusing on the opportunities available for academia, large and small companies in the UK, through presentations from the mission team and a discussion session. The findings of the mission have been compiled in a report (see below).

The objective of the DTI's Global Watch Missions has been to meet and learn from the best companies overseas. This mission certainly accomplished that. During the course of their week in Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, the team met senior representatives from Brazil's leading academic institutions, corporations and innovative small companies: from the University of Sao Paulo, to TV Globo (the fourth largest TV company in the world) to Telemar, Mixer and C.E.S.A.R. This was the first Global Watch Mission to Brazil. As a scoping mission, the objectives were broad but, as you'll see in the report, specific opportunities for trade, investment and technology partnering have been identified, as well as areas for deeper investigation. This report also identifies some of the barriers to trading and collaborating with Brazil and ways to overcome them.

Follow up activities from the mission have led to a number of business collaborations being developed, as well as preliminary discussions between universities in the UK and Brazil on student and staff exchange programmes. The DTI's Global Watch co-ordinator for Digital Media in the Americas, Sarah Turner, commented that "this scoping mission was very successful in obtaining a snapshot of the digital media space in Brazil and importantly has laid the foundations for collaborations between organisations from both countries".

View presentations from the seminar:

Tony Hughes:
Tony Hughes:
Dr. Adrian Woolard:
Andrew Davidson:
Denise Neves:
Prof. Esteban Clua, Dr.:
Research and Development, Clusters and Innovation
A content provider's perspective
An SME perspective
C.E.S.A.R. - A Brazilian Innovation Institute
What a Brazilian has to tell

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Scoping New Media Technologies in Brazil

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