Speech therapy innovation

Phoneme Factory speech therapy assessment tool has just been published by Nfer-Nelson. The product is the only one of its kind in the world and has pushed the boundaries of the use of technology with speech therapy. The pilot software for this product was the result of collaboration between ICDC and Yvonne Wren - Research Speech and Language Therapist, and project partner at Bristol Frenchey Hospital.

Yvonne commented:
"ICDC was invaluable in the early development of the Phoneme Factory Sound Sorter software program for children with speech difficulties. The program they created was unique in the way it enabled interactive activities to be customised to individual children's patterns of speech impairment. The resulting software was used in an experimental study and then became the prototype for development of a commercial product. ICDC's willingness to push the boundaries of previous software development was essential to allow us to demonstrate that such a product was viable. With their support, children with speech impairment, and the speech and language therapists and teachers working with them, now have a range of interactive activities which can be used to help address their difficulties."

For further information visit the Phoneme Website and the School Zone Website.

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