Global Media Distribution

Global Media Distribution is a company which has identified a significant opportunity to provide independent record companies and other providers of media with the ability to profitably sell their products online.

Steve Nesbitt of Liverpool Ventures introduced the business to ICDC and since then they have discovered a wealth of help, support and contacts which will be extremely useful in the development of the business.

Brian Pond from Global Media said: "Our initial meeting with Pete Leather (Business and Incubation Manager at ICDC) was excellent and highlighted a number of opportunities of interest to our business such as: graphic designers, programming support, Apple Mac developers and a possible link up with a telecoms company. We are meeting again with ICDC to discuss formalising these useful links for our company."

The market potential for Global Medias new product SafeSell is huge and offers significant benefits to record companies such as: the ability to set their own price and can select the currencies in which their products can be sold, using a Digital Rights Management protected download format from their own web based portals.

Global Media has recently completed a fundraising process which culminated in a significant investment of 350,000 by the new 27m Liverpool Seed fund and a further 100,000 investment from HSBC bank.

The *Liverpool Seed Fund investment encompasses long term support from Liverpool Ventures which helps knowledge based businesses such as Global Media with application to the Liverpool Seed Fund. It also provides strategic help and support post investment.

* The Liverpool Seed Fund is an MSIF fund managed by Alliance Fund Managers (AFM) AFM is regulated by the FSA in the course of investment business.

For more information on ICDC's package of business support, contact Tony Hughes at

ICDC, Liverpool Digital, 2nd Floor, Faraday House, 360 Edge Lane, Liverpool L7 9NJ